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It's time for reflecting and recharging! 
As we end the 2022 fiscal year at WNS Denali, I want to take a moment to reflect on and celebrate all the things that we have accomplished this year.   

Our procurement people deserve a huge pat on the back for delivering yet another year of exceptional performance on all fronts. We have grown exponentially, added many new clients across industries to our roster, renewed our existing engagements, been named a ‘Global Leader’ in procurement BPO services by ISG, launched our CPO Trac suite of digital solutions, revamped our COE and Knowledge programs, and, most importantly, welcomed a significant number of new members to the WNS Denali family. 

Looking ahead, I am truly excited about the fiscal year 2023 and the years to follow. As part of our own growth and transformation journey, we will continue to scale our business and increase the value we deliver to our clients year over year. 

I look forward to connecting with you and celebrating everything that we have accomplished together this year.   




WNS Denali is proud to be named a “Global Leader” in both the Procurement BPO and Digital Transformation quadrants. This is the second year in a row ISG has recognized WNS Denali as a ‘Leader’ in procurement BPO services.
We're excited to continue creating quality and tailored solutions for our clients, and to be an industry leader as Procurement further evolves.
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Did you know: 70% of #procurement leaders claim their company leaders perceive the procurement function as a growth enabler that adds strategic value to the business, and only 50% are only somewhat confident that their organizations have an optimal procurement operating model for 2022?

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As automation gains the potential to be a driving force for Procurement operations, it's helpful to have some tips, tricks, and insights.

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To help you optimize your procurement ecosystem and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace through innovation, speed to market, and cost efficiencies, we have created the Ultimate Procurement Transformation kit. 
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Regardless of where you see your procurement organization’s maturity, here are three proven strategies to help you evolve your procurement ecosystem through digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Roadmap for High Tech
Need help transforming your procurement ecosystem?

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Optimize your procurement ecosystem and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace through innovation, speed to market, and cost efficiencies, we have created the Ultimate Procurement Transformation kit with essential resources for you to get started with innovation, speed-to-market, and cost-efficiency improvements.
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