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Key Points
  • Two-dimensional procurement maturity models are a thing of the past

  • A CIPS-WNS Procurement Benchmark Study tracks multiple dimensions of procurement maturity, impact and business alignment to generate valuable insights for businesses

  • The study can act as a guideline for businesses to get better clarity on their future goals and focus areas

A key attribute of good leadership is being able to effectively balance priorities. In procurement, specifically, this balancing act often means trade-offs between execution, gaining strategic ground and planning for the future. This future planning, despite its importance, is where even the best leaders fall short. WNS has partnered with CIPS, a global organization focused on promoting good procurement practices, to help procurement leaders better understand their current business impact and to think more clearly about the future and make better choices. Our joint benchmark study will help you clarify your future goals and focus areas.

As you plan for the future state of your procurement team, we advise you to pause, take a step back and examine the strategic business impact of your procurement organization. This doesn’t mean look at your operational metrics and your savings numbers and compare them to your competition. Instead, look at how you work with your closest stakeholders and with your most reluctant ones — are you integrated with their business strategy? Are you adding the right kind of value to help them succeed? Are you ready to adapt to future changing needs? Are you making investments that align with the priorities of the business?

In our benchmark, there is no one clear path to success — business alignment and delivering on your organizational priorities can take many forms. We are making a case for a multi-dimensional, multi-path, and multi-success-factor model for procurement maturity and we urge all organizations to take this approach to know if they are maximizing the specific, unique opportunities they have to add value:

  • How much business value does your team generate compared to your peers?
  • How do your peers track their impact?
  • How do you make the most of your current resources and investment?
  • Are you responsibly investing time and resources in the right value-generating activities?
  • Are other companies adopting digital advancements and outperforming, or are they struggling?
  • How are your peers aligning with strategic stakeholders to add more value?
  • Where are organizations investing next?

The CIPS-WNS Procurement Benchmark Study can help you answer these questions. The study tracks multiple dimensions of procurement maturity, impact, and business alignment, and will give you valuable insights into your future planning.

It is highly likely that the maturity model you are using to benchmark your procurement organization is outdated. Start looking at multiple dimensions of value impact and strategic alignment to show where you need to go next.
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