Last year, I wrote about Santa’s ecosystem and how that relates to procurement’s ecosystem while I was traveling home from a client meeting. Now, I’m writing this blog post from my home office instead of a crowded airplane. And even Santa is grounded this year, likely using FedEx and UPS drivers to help deliver his presents – which proves the importance of having a robust ecosystem with partners who are ready when you need them the most!

As I reflect on 2020, I find myself looking for silver linings and celebrating how we focused on:

Of course, there are many lessons learned from this year too, including the importance of pivoting and adjusting to new a normal. Here at WNS Denali, we were quick to keep up with the pace and demands of our clients. We witnessed the power of agility and adaptability, which I believe are the new competitive advantages. You can have the best technology in the world, but you still need people to operate those platforms, refine processes, discover innovative ideas, and execute on projects that matter most to the business. The strongest and most successful teams of the future will have passionate, curious, and agile leaders who are committed to doing the work and showing up for stakeholders in new ways.

I am confident that these lessons learned will greatly influence the priorities of WNS Denali as we head into 2021. But priority setting is often challenging when “everything is important” – I am sure you can relate. That’s why we partnered with ProcureCon to develop a procurement pulse check benchmark survey. Our goal of the survey is to provide our clients with insights, trends, and actionable recommendations to get the right work done in 2021. You can share your perspectives with us here, and I will be sure you get early access to read the results.

A lot has changed, but much has stayed the same too. And that’s because our work in Procurement matters. Let’s keep focusing on the right work. Thank you to our #ProcurementPeople, our clients and partners for being there with us during the tough pandemic days. I can guarantee you one thing: the days ahead will be much better than the days behind us.

Happy Holidays,
Alpar Kamber

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Alpar Kamber

Corporate Executive Vice President & Head Procurement Services

Alpar Kamber Alpar Kamber is the Head of Procurement Services at WNS. He was the Founder and CEO of Denali Sourcing Services (now a part of WNS), a next-generation procurement services provider that enabled procurement organizations to influence more spend, and execute more effectively and efficiently. Prior to Denali, Alpar developed his cross-industry expertise in procurement value chain while in management positions at Ariba, FreeMarkets, Diamond Technology Partners and E&Y. He holds an MBA degree from the Tepper Business School of Carnegie Mellon University.

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