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As a Procurement leader, you tell stories every day. You tell visionary stories to your executive sponsors and boards to see the business case for deepening the role of procurement. You tell persuasive stories to inspire our co-workers and staff to buy-in to desired change and evolve traditional ways of working. And sometimes, you tell practical stories to your supply chain and category partners about improving efficiencies, encouraging them to share timely data that will help improve your business decisions.

An effective story will align with your stakeholder’s needs and inspire action. In fact, storytelling can help:

  • conquer chaos and increase your impact
  • win over key stakeholders
  • unite teams
  • improve negotiations

Ultimately, you can make a BIG difference with the stories you tell and the words you use.

To improve your storytelling efforts, download our "The Power of Storytelling in Procurement" handbook that covers:

  • The three biggest communication mistakes we make as procurement leaders
  • A proven storytelling formula with six key elements
  • Real success stories about transforming procurement through stories

Spoiler alert: We might ruin Hollywood movies for you because this handbook contains a story formula that is the basis of almost every box office hit. As a bonus, we have included a complimentary worksheet so you can attend all of your future meetings with a story or two in your back pocket!

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