Key Points
  • Organizations have an aggressive mandate to transform procurement and make it more strategic

  • It is imperative to put in place the right processes, systems and people to drive a sustainable procurement strategy

  • WNS-Denali offers the gamut of procurement services underlined by best-in-class practices, technology and analytics solutions to help companies expedite their procurement transformation

Transforming procurement from a transactional function to a strategic and systemic function is challenging but a necessity for modern-day business. Strategic procurement becomes essential as organizations look to leverage insights and innovation to impact spend, drive efficiency and effectiveness, and counter the volatilities in the supply markets. The key to achieving this transformation lies in re-aligning people, process and system mechanisms to build a forward-looking and sustainable overall process.

WNS-Denali provides end-to-end Source-to-Pay solutions, encompassing technology and analytics, to help companies put their procurement transformation on the fast track.

Watch Alpar Kamber of WNS-Denali and Ric Padilla of Cricket Wireless in conversation as they discuss some of the key best practices for procurement transformation…

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