Key Points
  • Over the last decade, procurement has evolved from a closed community to an open and collaborative organization

  • Technology innovation to boost relationship-building is critical for procurement, as it manages other people’s money and projects

  • WNS-Denali brings the right technology platforms to transform procurement operationalization for clients

Procurement has taken giant strides over the last decade to evolve from a closed community of people and decision-making to an open and collaborative organization. Technology has ushered in innovative developments, especially in the areas of collaborating on social media and building media-rich project sites. Relationship-building and getting connected to the right decision-makers is very critical for procurement, especially when you consider that it is in the business of managing other people’s budgets and projects.

WNS-Denali ensures that the right technology platforms are deployed to help clients transform their procurement operationalization.

Watch Alpar Kamber of WNS-Denali talk about the evolution of procurement in this video…

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