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When Ese Iweh took over infrastructure Procurement Operations at Facebook, her mission was to streamline the end-to-end procurement process, improve cycle times, and increase quality of output while reducing single points of failure. Being new to the direct procurement world, she utilized her deep expertise in Finance Operations, ERP/Tooling implementations, strong change management methodology, and existing partnership with WNS Denali to significantly improve infrastructure Procurement operations. Learn how she delivered better service, faster turnaround times, and more consistent outputs to end users. In this fireside chat, Ese and Greg will discuss the importance of knowing your stakeholders, leveraging your mentor network, and picking the right partner for success.

Meet The Speakers

Ese Iweh is the Head of Global Procurement Operations, Infrastructure at Facebook. Her areas of expertise are predominantly in the Finance Operations space - specifically, run the business operations for Order to Cash, Procure to Pay and Compliance Operations. Prior to FB, Ese has lead operations teams at Google and most recently at OpenTable as the Director of Global Finance Operations.

Greg Anderson is Senior Vice President of Sales in North America at WNS Denali. He is a proven expert in Supply Chain and Procurement Managed Services and Technology solutions. Greg has over two decades of cross-industry sales and marketing leadership experience. Prior to WNS, Greg held leadership positions at Ivalua, Pensiamo, Directworks, Tenzing Consulting, SmartOps, Ariba, FreeMarkets, GE, and PPG.


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