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Digital procurement is no longer a ‘next level’ approach to satisfying a company’s spend and supplier-related objectives. It is the only way to empower, enable, and SUPERCHARGE the value created through third-party partners.

In order to successfully transform along these lines, procurement needs to ‘connect the dots' between certain strategic and technical considerations. Digital technologies play a critical role in this journey, particularly when the procurement ecosystem includes AI and HI - or Human Intelligence.

In this AOP Live session, Philip Ideson was joined by Alpar Kamber, Julie Brignac, and Christopher Eyerman.

The conversation started with their advice for putting important discussions and decisions in order:

Clear Objectives: What does the business need?

Vision: What is procurement’s role in supporting the business?

Strategy: How exactly will procurement deliver against business requirements?

Digital: What technology will accelerate procurement’s efforts without creating friction for the business?


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