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Key Points
  • Today’s challenging business environment compels marketing and procurement teams to work hand-in-hand

  • Understanding spend analysis will help marketing resolve conflicting issues with procurement teams

  • In this webinar, experts discussed how companies can make informed decisions with improved processes and technology adoption

Procurement teams follow a certain rigor and method in their processes. On the other hand, marketing teams are driven by creativity and branding outcomes. To bring the two teams together, organizations need to work toward a common goal, which can only be achieved through a deeper analysis of the spend patterns.

In this webinar, we discussed how procurement leaders influence marketing spend decisions and become trusted advisers rather than contentious blockers. WNS-Denali, JAGGAER and Buyers Meeting Point discussed how improved processes and technology could be used to make better decisions.


  • Steve Lundin: Chief Marketing Officer, JAGGAER
  • Kelly Barner: Owner & Managing Director, Buyers Meeting Point
  • Betsy Pancik: Vice President, Procurement Solutions, WNS-Denali
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