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Key Points
  • Attending a training is NOT the same as building competency. What happens after a training is critical to competency building
  • Competency building requires a clear vision and a plan to get there
  • Competency building is an accelerant for business results and drives real value

Every day we hear that we as Procurement professionals will be asked to do MORE – More spend under management, more savings, more insights. To achieve MORE, we know that it requires a broader and deeper set of competencies. Great! Sign us all up for some training!

Yet, even with the many options for skill development available to us, we often find that the training we choose “doesn’t take,” is not as applicable as we had hoped, or too much time has lapsed between the training and the need to use the newly acquired skill.

This cycle of forgettable or unrealized training value is extremely common, and we want to help you break it. Join Lynn Rideout, Marcia Ayacaba, and Kerri Beatty from Denali Academy and Procurement Services to learn how every procurement team can use integrated training and coaching to drive immediate and sustainable results.

In this webinar we examine the TOP MUST-HAVES to ensure that your integrated training program meets your individual or team objectives.


  • Lynn Rideout, Director, Capabilities

  • Marcia Ayacabada, Senior Manager, Learning and Development

  • Kerri Beatthy, Senior Manager, Category Management

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