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The procurement industry has shifted dramatically in recent years. Rapid Digitization, Talent gaps, new regulations and niche business needs are driving much of this change. As 20+ years industry veterans, WNS-Denali, we are excited and impressed to see procurement teams creating value through new channels and previously untested approaches. It’s an exciting time to be in procurement, but it can also be confusing and overwhelming.

How do you give your team the right tools, capabilities, and priorities to succeed and plan for the future?

We have the answer: Focus on building a healthy and robust Procurement Ecosystem.

Join Greg Anderson, SVP of Procurement Services as he reveals the key building blocks of the Procurement Ecosystem as confirmed in a new Performance Procurement Benchmark Report recently published and answers your pressing questions on how to make the Ecosystem work for you:

  • What is a Procurement Ecosystem?

  • Benchmark 2020 key trends and predictions

  • Total Business Alignment

  • Vision building and stakeholder partnering

  • Talent, culture, operating model

  • Knowledge, resources, enablers

Watch the webinar to get firsthand insights on how businesses can deliver broader value beyond cost savings!

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