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Overcome the hype, minimize digital fatigue, and drive true transformation in your organization. This presentation debunks the hype and proves that technology is only as good as the process it enables.

We will address digitization through key its components:

  • Assessment, readiness, and roadmap: navigating the hype and managing your change-averse stakeholders to develop the right plan for your organization

  • Process: right-sizing your process design work and defining the channels, policies, and controls you will digitize

  • Adoption: managing change and implementing to drive adoption

You will learn:

  • Key insights on digital adoption from our recent Procurement 2020 benchmark study

  • Why taking a digital break may be beneficial before you make your next technology decision

  • How much effort really goes into a best-in-class touchless self-service end-user experience for procurement


Alpar Kamber
Corporate Executive Vice President & Head Procurement Services

Michael van Keulen
Chief Procurement Officer at Coupa


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