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Key Points
  • Procurement at an Inflection Point: What Has Changed?
  • Advanced Skills and the Right Mindset: The New Talent Profile
  • Talent Transformation Stories: Lessons Learned from WNS Denali Clients

Procurement is at an inflection point. Today, C-suite conversations are rife with consequences of the pandemic. Leadership teams are discussing strategic ways to build business resilience and become more agile. And there is no other function in the business that is better equipped than procurement to drive innovation, improve processes, manage risk, and lead business development. The key to seizing these opportunities is having the right talent to support and build a robust procurement ecosystem. Yet, a recent ISG survey found that lack of skilled employees was among the top three challenges that organizations faced for a successful transformation. Read this ISG Thought Leadership whitepaper to uncover:

  • Ways to improve rapid digitization, shifting supplier relationships, and agile business alignment

  • The new talent profile for 2021 and beyond

  • How a WNS Denali client used category management to achieve breakthrough value

  • Ways to train and develop your team at any maturity level


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