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Key Points
  • The current state of priorities in their organization today and in the future
  • Critical investment areas for the year ahead
  • Perspectives on how to rank the TOP priorities for 2021

Data talks! Inspire future ideas backed by data.

Where will CPOs focus their limited time and investments after overcoming and adjusting to the disruptions from 2020? And, more importantly, how should CPOs most effectively allocate their energy and resources in 2021? WNS Denali and ProcureCon sought to answer these questions through the Procurement Pulse Check for 2021 benchmark survey. We assessed the current state of Procurement and strategic priorities for the coming year.

Our goal was to provide procurement leaders with the data points to enter this year with confidence and purpose, amidst the noise and confusion. In this paper, we examine themes from the data and share insights on CPO’s priorities and investments. During the winter of 2020, more than 100 procurement executives from around the world shared their perspectives on the current state of priorities in their organization today and in the future


Procurement Pulse Check


What did we find?

The study data has also confirmed what we have seen in the industry in recent years: CPOs have many competing priorities. We take a close look at data around the top investments planned for 2021, including:

  • Strategic Business Alignment

  • Talent Management

  • Operating Model

  • Digital and Innovation

  • Business Value

In this paper, we examine three broad themes that were undeniable:

  • Procurement needs to align better with core business objectives and the needs of all stakeholders

  • Procurement has increased potential for creating business value and making an impact

  • Digital transformation has accelerated rapidly due to the pressures placed on organizations to build fully virtual workforces

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