Key Points
  • Celebi wanted to optimize its global purchasing model

  • WNS studied and benchmarked 29 critical processes that involved 96 percent of the procurement spend to develop the target operating model and transformation roadmap

  • The transformation roadmap spread over two years, broken down into multiple activity sets for clear implementation, helped identify gaps and optimize cycle time, spend and procurement processes

Celebi’s Challenge

Celebi, a global ground aviation handling company, headquartered out of Europe and geographically spread across multiple offices and subsidiaries had massive inefficiencies owing to paper and manual intensive processes. Adding to the complexity was the limited visibility to such inefficiencies. 

The WNS Solution
WNS used multiple solution levers, including technology, process automation, analytics, Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen and process engineering to arrive at a methodical roadmap for transformation.

  • Prioritized procurement processes that covered 29 critical processes involving 96 percent of the overall spend

  • Reengineered the processes using global benchmarks

  • Designed a scalable Target Operating Model with three key components – Process Model, Technology Model and People Model

  • Created an exhaustive transformation roadmap spread over two years, broken down into multiple activity sets for clear implementation, using the proprietary WNS Value Innovation Program

Additionally, WNS designed an innovative and high-impact concept called the 'Combined Procurement Group' to reap benefits in the form of discounts through the power of collective buying.

The Outcome

  • 49 gaps identified in the existing process using Kaizen and process mapping

  • Up to 50 percent reduction in overall cycle time

  • Estimated ~USD 2.2 Million spend reduction through standardization, automation, digital signatures and deployment of e-procurement

  • Procurement rationalization through improved visibility into supplier behavior and performance using analytics 


“Along the project, WNS had become an integral
part for my company to achieve our goals in
diverse areas, hence I initiated a global
transformation project in Celebi and connected
with WNS to capitalize on their expertise and
solution driven flexible business proposition.”

Onno C. P. Boots,
Group CEO, Celebi Aviation Holding

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