Risk, Performance, Relationships and the Next Frontier of Value Creation

One of the most underutilized assets of any business is their vast community of suppliers. Optimizing the impact of that group through diligent supplier management leads to reduced risks and improved performance, clearing a path toward innovation. Achieving these benefits begins with leveraging WNS Denali's capabilities to guide the supplier segmentation process, establish scorecards, implement risk mitigation practices and create relationship management strategies that establish the foundation for enterprise-wide improvements. Doing so enables an organization to establish the disciplines that are required to plan and manage interactions with suppliers and maximize their value to the business; all while seamlessly complementing established category management, sourcing and contracting efforts. Whether your initial focus is on risk mitigation, capturing and retaining value, improving supplier performance or reducing supplier management costs, WNS Denali is prepared to support your mission.

Why it’s important
  • Supplier Management focuses on total value, not just piece-price, by creating better alignment with the priorities of spend owners.
  • WNS Denali helps expand procurement involvement throughout the life cycle by linking the various aspects of the procurement process.
  • Our approach allows for better responses to organizational needs, which include speed, quality and cost.
  • Our team helps clients optimize and build upon contracted value through continuous involvement and reporting.
  • Clients can decrease supplier risks through improved visibility, tracking and relationships.
  • WNS Denali allows clients to improve adherence to contract terms and conditions. In addition, we enable realization of sourcing and contracting efforts, and extract maximum value from current agreements.
  • Through a collaborative approach, we can identify new sources of value through greater innovation with suppliers.
  • By gathering supplier intelligence, clients can make sourcing and category management efforts more impactful.
  • WNS Denali helps clients improve supplier collaboration and create a path to innovation through improved tracking and execution.
  • Clients can maximize supplier relationships through more rigorous and frequent engagement plans.
  • WNS Denali brings the best practices and knowledge to streamline onboarding and evaluation processes.
  • Clients can improve success and performance rate to maximize sourcing and contracting efforts.
  • We empower clients to decrease supplier management and re-sourcing costs by creating a higher success rate and better performance among existing suppliers.
  • WNS Denali creates a plan to centralize supplier management activity and establish standards to ensure consistent value across the organization.

How we are unique



  • Access to WNS Denali’s experience across hundreds of categories, provides deep insight into the structure and priorities of different supply bases
  • Our training and category management programs have helped us develop best practices across industries and categories that are incorporated into our solutions


  • From supplier management training to coaching to mediating initial discussions, WNS Denali is committed to preparing our clients to move from adversarial supplier interactions to productive relationships
  • We offer clients training and coaching on an ongoing basis to better prepare them for establishing productive relationships with their suppliers
  • Developing strategies and templates allow our clients to better segment and manage suppliers while ensuring consistent execution and sustainable results


  • Clients’ supplier management philosophy and priorities are unique. Our approach can be customized to maintain consistency with their vision
  • We can enable a comprehensive supplier management capability or address the targeted supplier management needs with scorecards, performance administration, risk tools and others.


  • By expanding the scope of supplier management beyond risk and measurement (to incorporate governance, performance and relationship), WNS Denali brings updated solutions to our clients
  • Our unique ability to leverage insights from across the procurement process, affords us information to evolve the supplier management strategies with knowledge from category management, sourcing and contracting activities
  • Overall Strategy and Supplier Management Framework Development
  • Supplier Onboarding and Segmentation
  • Risk Management Strategy and Execution
  • Suppler Development and Performance Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management and Collaboration
  • Innovation Channel Management and Continuous Improvement

  The Client: North American Retail Giant

The Challenge:

The client’s procurement organization had no centralized supplier management platform, which limited its visibility into non-merchandise supply transactions. The company also lacked an integrated risk management set-up and was unable to effectively measure or improve supplier performance.

WNS Denali Solution:

WNS Denali collaborated with the client to conduct organizational and capability assessments for the implementation of an integrated supplier management system. A vendor segmentation strategy was designed and rolled out after in-depth discussions with key stakeholders. WNS Denali then developed management strategies for each tier of suppliers, and established a customized supplier management framework and methodology to deploy these strategies throughout the organization.

The Outcome:

The supplier management system provided the client with the means to track the performance of vendors and identify continuous cost improvement opportunities across supplier relationships. The retailer was able to significantly reduce supplier-related risks and focus more on cost-effective vendors.


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