Sourcing Drives Total Value Through Optimized Execution

Value manifests itself in numerous ways, from bottom-line savings and support of category management imperatives, to identifying alternative sources of supply for key stakeholder groups within the business, to providing targeted market information. The mechanism for extracting this value is a combination of client process optimization, collaboration and WNS Denali’s efficient and effective execution. We consider proactive sourcing a direct output of category management initiatives, market analysis and pipeline activities. In addition, sourcing is a direct input to contracting and supplier management, and ultimately falls within category management (the procurement cycle).

Sourcing departments must conduct due diligence and develop plans to proactively pursue productive opportunities for the business. But at the same time, they must be able to effectively react to the needs of the business. Through the application of our flexible and market-leading approach, WNS Denali enables our clients to address both the challenges efficiently.

Why it’s important
  • Organizations targeting 95 percent spend under management, need procurement to serve as an effective channel to turn visibility into results
  • Expert sourcing resources enable deeper project portfolio development and bring the commercial skills necessary to build relationships with stakeholders
  • Leading organizations focus on core, strategic activities and leverage strong partners for execution and enablement
  • Our clients need bottom-line cost savings to meet their business objectives. Accelerating savings is imperative to keep pace with the market
  • Executives want to be confident that their sourcing expertise and execution maximize savings
  • Leveraging a service provider that is in the category-related markets more frequently than the client, increases sourcing performance
  • Clients require a fit-for-purpose approach that improves results while flexing to accommodate the unique demands and complexity levels of specific projects
  • Continuous improvement, automation and innovation are needed to drive year-over-year improvements
  • Functional expertise is sought for upskilling or complementing the existing sourcing / procurement team

How we are unique



  • Clients gain access to WNS Denali’s experience across hundreds of categories. We provide deep insight into sourcing strategies and supply markets
  • WNS Denali brings the appropriate category expertise and toolset to all sourcing projects, from simple spot buys to strategic sourcing projects
  • Our broad experience empowers us to guide clients’ sourcing approach and ensure that the right resources are being assigned to the right projects


  • Unlike other providers, we work within our clients’ procurement systems and infrastructure to continuously improve their sourcing processes and capabilities, while being technology-agnostic
  • We deliver industry best practices, tools and templates that have been developed across diverse industries around the globe


  • We customize our rigorous operational sourcing model to the unique needs, categories and global regions of our clients. Then, we adjust and evolve with the changing needs of our clients
  • Our flexible resource model allows for the right resources to support our clients’ unique sourcing needs and goals
  • The unique WNS Denali Sourcing-as-a-Service model represents an outcome-based, results-focused approach for sourcing projects. We help ensure our clients’ success by going well beyond simple resource augmentation


  • WNS Denali brings innovative products, services and ideas to identify new sources of value for our clients, including category-specific solutions and automation
  • We take an innovative approach to sourcing by developing proprietary processes such as the WNS Denali Way, and creating groundbreaking strategies to address clients’ challenges
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • RFx Execution & Management
  • Auction Execution & Management
  • Opportunity Assessments & Sourcing Wave Plans
  • Category Cards & Playbooks
  • Tail Spend Management

  The Client: Global Apparel Retailer

The Challenge:

The business processes in the client’s procurement organization were not standardized across the enterprise. Further, the procurement function had limited influence over certain spend categories and lacked the scalability to support the retailer’s growing business.

WNS Denali Solution:

WNS Denali helped the client implement a centralized Source-to-Contract platform based on OneSource for sourcing execution, contract administration, market research and supplier discovery. The project covered all of the company’s indirect spend categories and some direct categories. The solution leveraged IBM Emptoris’ eSourcing and Reverse Auctions, and Salesforce’s Contract Management and Spend Analysis. WNS Denali also developed playbooks that outlined the sourcing strategy for each category.

The Outcome:

With WNS Denali’s support, the client successfully executed 224 projects that delivered nearly 23 percent in savings across its operations in the Americas, Asia and Europe.


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