Make a Bottleneck a Freeway — Maximize Business Value and Balance Risks

A great amount of effort is put into a company’s category management and sourcing initiatives. Unfortunately, many companies perceive loss of time and value when it comes to contracting. Realizing and maintaining the results achieved by procurement in a timely, risk-mitigating way, requires a dynamic and well-resourced contracting function. WNS Denali provides our clients with contract authoring, negotiation and administration services on everything - from straightforward renewals and SOWs to complex MSAs. By separating and creating concentrations around administration and negotiation, our operating model accelerates cycle times while consistently driving excellent results.

Why it’s important
  • Procurement extends influence beyond sourcing and creates value further into the supplier life cycle
  • Rather than just being along for the ride, procurement drives the contract process proactively. Thus, procurement focuses on extending the organizations’ strategic priorities throughout the source-to-pay process
  • Leading procurement organizations extract maximum savings and business value from their contracts while balancing risks
  • Procurement resources who are capable of driving optimal contract negotiations and are well-versed in legal terminology, can reduce reliance on expensive and over-tapped legal resources
  • Consistently address risks while creating compliance measures to ensure realized value
  • By developing contract strategies, procurement can align its activities with established category management plans and sourcing activities
  • Promote and protect stakeholder relationships by streamlining time-consuming contracting processes and improving responsiveness
  • Minimize cost-of-contract execution and management by automating routine and redundant processes, and creating standard workflows
  • Decrease cost and improve efficiency by deploying suitable resources

How we are unique



  • WNS Denali has worked on thousands of contracts for dozens of clients, affording us the insight to identify and solve any issues
  • Value is created in several ways, including cost savings and potential risk reduction by negotiating client-preferred contract terms


  • We work within our client’s procurement systems and infrastructure to continuously improve their contracting processes and capabilities
  • Clients receive Contract Terms Playbooks, which are an important part of WNS Denali’s programmatic approach to drive repeatability and quality in contract operations


  • WNS Denali helps address a wide array of contractual challenges. Whether the client needs are simple, complex or run the gamut, we can create an appropriate solution
  • A resource plan that suits the volume and budgetary needs of the organization, can be created to ensure productivity and a strong return on investment


  • WNS Denali’s broad experience and market presence afford us access to cutting-edge tools and strategies to ensure that our clients have access to the latest contract management methodologies
  • We bring innovative solutions to contract challenges, including automation and machine learning technologies
  • Contract Strategy & Management
  • Contract Authoring
  • Contract Negotiation (simple to strategic)
  • Contract Administration, Approvals, & Archive
  • Contract Compliance Monitoring, Auditing, & Expiration Analysis
  • Legal terms Playbooks

  The Client: Global Network Equipment Manufacturer

The Challenge:

The client used a fragmented contract review process to sign up service providers, which often delayed order fulfillment. The disparate processes made it difficult to establish the accountability of the contracts, and the lack of a consolidated, enterprise-wide view of contracts hampered effective data analysis. Stakeholders were uncertain about the status of any given contract owing to these silos. Further, the terms and conditions used in the contracts were not standardized, leading to inconsistencies across the organization.

WNS Denali Solution:

WNS Denali helped the client centralize all contract requests raised by the organization’s different business units, using a programmatic approach and a dedicated implementation team. WNS Denali laid down well-documented processes and operating guidelines for crafting contracts, and also created a legal terms playbook to help standardize contracts. In order to align with the client’s global footprint, WNS Denali set up a delivery team comprising resources situated in both North America and India.

The Outcome:

The streamlined contract creation approach helped the client execute more than 2,500 contracts in just two years. Nearly 96 percent of the contracts created followed the client’s standard format, up from just 21 percent before the project’s execution. Only 9 percent of the contracts were required to be reviewed by a legal attorney post the project, as against 74 percent earlier, leading to significant cost savings and higher organizational efficiency.


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