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Navigating procurement: creating value in economic uncertainty

In these unprecedented times, our economic outlook is uncertain. One thing is abundantly clear though – companies will lean on procurement teams to do more with less:

  • Gain instant spend visibility into savings

  • Drive sustainable cost-efficiency

  • Navigate uncertain supply

  • Reach new categories quickly

No matter your situation, your team will be asked to operate differently. How do you prepare? What tools and resources will you need to meet these new requirements? And how will your strategic relationships be impacted?

Watch our virtual panel discussion with seasoned procurement executives and gain valuable insights on how to maximize your impact now by increasing visibility, executing more efficiently, and strengthening your key relationships (both internal and external).


Betsy Pancik
Senior Vice President Sales at WNS-Denali

Jonathan Gardner
Former Albertsons&Starbucks Procurement Executive

Amarish Kapadia
Vice President of Sales at Xeeva

Vikas Shah
Senior Vice President of Product & Business Development at Xeeva


About the Author

Betsy Pancik
Senior Vice President, Sales

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Betsy Pancik Betsy Pancik is Senior Vice President of Sales in North America at WNS-Denali. She has over 20 years of experience in various procurement roles and is passionate about driving procurement value beyond the numbers. Betsy’s practitioner background lays the foundation for a deep understanding of client challenges and building creative solutions. Prior to joining WNS, she held leadership positions with Accenture (formerly Procurian) and IBM.

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