Upskill Your Team to Enable Greater Value Creation for Your Business

Many Procurement organizations have successfully used technology, automation and streamlined processes to create more value for their companies. Some organizations now see a diminishing ROI on those platforms and processes. To move to the next level of value creation, Procurement teams need to learn the latest best practices, follow well-documented processes and learn how to respond to evolving business goals and requirements.

From our experience, best-in-class Procurement teams align closely with their stakeholders and work in cross-functional teams. They define “value” more broadly than cost savings. They have the mindset and the skillset to uncover new opportunities. Most importantly, high-performing Procurement teams execute well on robust, innovative strategies.

To help your team create even more value for your business, participate in best-in-class training with a proven ROI at Denali Academy.

Why it’s important
  • Our comprehensive programs help you reach your procurement goals, no matter the maturity level of your organization. The modular build of our programs helps you fill specific skill gaps. We provide foundational training to level-set and provide common terminology across the global team. In addition, our trainers cover specific, advanced topics to fill skill gaps and fit into your competency models.
  • Our delivery models adapt to your needs, not the other way around. Our blended learning programs and virtual learning paths can address the regional distribution of your team, and consider your culture. We can reach a single learner as easily and cost-effectively as a global team of 200+ learners.
  • Training is only effective if it helps change behaviors and drives better decision-making. Classroom training and eLearning can provide formal training, which only provides roughly 10% of the overall success.
  • We apply the learnings in a risk-free environment, using exercises, role plays and our innovative Category Management board game, CategoRise. The training can be rounded out by coaching, which allows the transition of the skills into the day-to-day job. This approach is proven to modify behaviors and bring sustainable change.
  • Training programs that are entirely based on classroom training can become costly. Our blended learning approach shifts knowledge acquisition, such as learning new terminology and understanding processes, into eLearning modules and webinars. In turn, classroom training can focus on application such as exercises and role plays. Help improve the productivity of your team by sending them to the right training format aligned with your budget and goals.
  • In some situations, classroom training is not practical. For example, classroom training is challenging for teams that are spread out across the globe. Our virtual learning paths can help with geographical challenges that prevent initiatives from moving forward. Instructors conduct webinars, give feedback on assignments, and are available for questions. This format allows for great learning outcomes while eliminating travel costs.

How we are unique



  • Online learning that is available 24/7. You can select training one learner in a public training sessions in our delivery center or deploy a large-scale onsite programs across multiple countries and regions. You choose what delivery mode and timing works best for you.
  • Our modular design allows us to combine different modules into courses that are meaningful to you, and that fill specific skill gaps – at an affordable price point.
  • If configuring existing modules is not enough, custom courses are designed to meet the specific needs of your team and organization.
  • Customize modules to overcome specific gaps in your team’s skill-sets.


  • WNS Denali is a Procurement services company who shares our expertise and knowledge through training. We develop our curriculum based on the WNS Denali Way principles and best practices that are widely used by our business.
  • During training, you can strengthen your skills and present the results to your procurement leadership. You can practice presenting a concise elevator speech and round out the applied learning with Denali Academy’s proprietary and interactive Category Management board game.
  • WNS – Denali’s training programs also count towards continuing education hours by the Institute for Supply Management’s CPM and CPSM programs and by the next Level Purchasing Association. It is also recognized by the American Purchasing Society (APS) for CPP points.
  • Learn how to apply key methodologies such as; Requirements analysis, Porter’s Five Forces, and strategy development.


  • The training adopts hands-on methods supported by exercises and case studies to impart key methodologies such as Category Management process, opportunity assessment, requirements analysis, and total cost of ownership.
  • Traditional training programs don’t adequately support transformational efforts. To effectively expand the skill-set of a team that is accustomed to dealing with tactical work, the training should focus on mindset shifts and relate to their routine environment.
  • Custom classroom training with blended learning programs that include a combination of eLearning modules, classroom training, webinars, and coaching. Onsite training courses can be offered to the learners in terms of level, role (direct vs. indirect), and industry.
  • Participate in Denali Academy training to address the components necessary to bring about effective change management. Setting new goals and developing new strategies is good, but only brings value if they can be implemented quickly and effectively.


  • If classroom training is not an option for your distributed team because of travel budget limitations, our virtual learning path can help: it achieves the same learning outcomes as the blended learning program that includes classroom sessions, but uses webinars and assignments to create an interactive experience that focuses on application.
  • The training doesn’t stop at lecture-style teaching of methodologies. Learners reinforce and apply the instruction in a variety of ways, including our proprietary Category Management Game, CategoRise.

  The Client: Global Retail Chain

The Challenge:

  • The VMO (Vendor Management Office) teams worked in silos and completed projects based on historical experience within their group. There was no real framework for procurement work and ad-hoc approaches superseded processes.

  • The team was buried in tactical work such as getting contracts into place and chasing suppliers down.


  • Developed a Procurement Framework to govern Category Management, strategic sourcing and vendor performance management that enables future state capabilities.

  • Customized and configured available training content and methodology to fit VMO organizational goals and skill development needs.

  • Delivered sessions at the client’s offices in US and India.

  • Created a customized Procurement Academy for the client.

  • Provided an ongoing learning, certification and knowledge management framework including access to tools and documents in a virtual, on-demand environment.

The Result:

  • Trained and certified more than 120 team members.

  • Built core procurement capabilities that supported the client’s strategic goals.

  • Within 18 months, team members documented successful application of the strategic approach imparted during the training, e.g. in large-scale IT outsourcing category, store items, realizing 20+ % savings.

  • ROI exceeded internal business case.


Our Approach

Whether you’re a mid-sized company that is focused on the domestic market or a multi-national Fortune 500 enterprise, we understand your procurement challenges and requirements for success. Denali Academy is designed to help you achieve your goals and expand your procurement teams’ competencies.

“The mindset change required to move from Sourcing Management to Category Management became clear through a combination of teaching and exercises.”

 – previous Denali Academy participant

Category Management Foundation

Category Management Foundation:

This two-day course is designed to provide participants with a clear understanding of Category Management - how it differs from strategic sourcing and how it creates value for the organization.

Category Management Excellence

Category Management Excellence:

This two-day course is designed to provide participants with a clear understanding of advanced Category Management topics, such as how to develop strategies for challenging single-source and sole-source situations. Trainees need to take Category Management Foundation prior to this course.

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing:

The goal of this course is to provide participants with a clear understanding of strategic sourcing processes, desired outcomes and key methodologies.

eLearning Modules

eLearning Modules:

eLearning modules can offer great benefits, if they are done well. These courses are more scalable and more cost effective than classroom training and allow learners across the globe to take courses in self-study. Try two free


Virtual Learning Path:

To enable training delivery at a global scale, WNS – Denali offers the traditional classroom-based training in a remote and streamlined deliver mode. The Virtual Learning Path includes eLearning modules, webinars, and course assignments to build foundational knowledge around key concepts, methodologies and processes. 

Procurement Negotiation

Procurement Negotiation:

We are happy to present this new training in partnership with Better Solutions Coaching Consulting. The goal of this course is to provide participants with a clear understanding of a negotiation process and provide a framework to understand the available options and tactics on how to achieve the best outcome.

Supplier Management

Supplier Management:

This course is designed is to provide trainees with a clear understanding of supplier lifecycle management and its components. Trainees will also learn soft skills to help manage suppliers in a more deliberate way. 

CategoRise Board Game

CategoRise Board Game:

WNS - Denali’s proprietary Category Management board game offers learners to apply concepts from the Category Management training in a fun and risk-free environment, and condenses a process that usually takes months into an hour. Two different scenarios are currently available. Additional scenarios will be available in 2022.

Custom Courses

Custom Courses:

Custom courses are designed to meet the specific requirements of your team and organization. They can be delivered to suit your preferred location and date(s). Trainers are available in the North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and South America. Training is typically conducted in English, but native speakers are available to facilitate in Chinese (Mandarin), French, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

Courses are offered on-site or in public sessions in WNS - Denali locations in the US in Pittsburgh, PA, Bellevue, WA as well as in India in Pune, Maharashtra.

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